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For CEE'2021, works resulting from empirical or theoretical research, case studies or scientific work on entrepreneurship education will be accepted. It is very important that they reflect the results and objectives obtained and their real impact.
We want to approach entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship education in a comprehensive way, not specifically restricted to 'start-ups', but also to the development of high impact projects, both in the public and private sectors, from their conception to implementation and assessment. Members of the Scientific Committee will be responsible for evaluating the submitted papers.
The Call for Papers will be made through articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English, covering relevant topics within the following themes:

1-Pedagogical Perspectives

• Pedagogical theories in entrepreneurship education
• Methods and methodologies of entrepreneurship teaching;
• Cases and practices in the teaching and learning entrepreneurship;
• Experiences outside the classroom (e.g., practicums, mobility)
• Competency-based learning and skill assessment
• Project-based learning and skill assessment
• Service-learning experiences in entrepreneurship learning
• Promoting and assessing student engagement
• Innovative materials and tools for teaching entrepreneurship
• Entrepreneurship education for non-business students
• Developing tools and competencies for the front-end of innovation

2-Institutional Perspectives

• Entrepreneurial educational institutions, the model of education for entrepreneurship at the institutional level
• Developing and sustaining Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions, strategies and approaches

3-Regional Perspectives

• The teaching of entrepreneurship in the context of the regional innovation system
• Issues, contradictions, challenges and perspectives for the future
• Regional ecosystems and an entrepreneurial mindset
• Public Policy in the promotion of entrepreneurship education
• The regional perspective of Social Entrepreneurship (e.g.: Service-learning experiences

4-Application Perspectives

• Coaching approaches for Entrepreneurship education
• Entrepreneurship for Educators (K12 & HE)
• Entrepreneurship Education for Women / Women’s Entrepreneurship Education
• Cooperative Entrepreneurship Education
• Senior Entrepreneurship Education

5-Technology Perspectives

• Emerging technologies in teaching and learning entrepreneurship (e.g., Massive Open Online Courses, Open educational resources, Gamification, Serious Games)
• Innovative materials and tools for teaching entrepreneurship

6-Social Perspectivess

• Use of technologies and teaching-learning processes that are directly appplicable in society, making possible autonomy and problem solving.

Soon, we will publish the complete program of the lectures and the presentations of the papers